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QN1: What is the weather like in Tanzania?

Tanzania is located in the southern hemisphere, so the weather in Tanzania varies compared to Europe and America so when it is summer in Europe in Tanzania will be winter and vice versa, Tanzania has all 4 season, dry season is between June to October, short rain season is between October to December, Summer time is between December to March and long rain season is between March to May.

Temperature in Tanzania depends on the location i.e. coastal areas and off shore islands have the Temperature between 27°C and 29°C, while Western and Northern parts have Temperature between 20°C and 30°C.

QN2: How much does the safari cost in Tanzania?

Tanzania safari cost is determined by the following aspects; number of people who want to travel, Time/Month of travel, Number of days, Level/Type of safari i.e. Camping/Mid-range/Luxury or High end

QN3: What currency should I bring?

All the payments in the Tanzanian National parks are payable in United States dollars (USD), so whatever currency will be brought will be converted in US Dollars.

QN4: How do I pay for my safari?

After negotiating with your Operator, you will pay a deposit or full payment by method of payments available i.e. Bank transfer/Wire transfer, Card swipe, etc.

QN5: What safari vehicles do you use?

The vehicle used for safari are 4×4 Land Cruiser with pop up roof, Fridge, and power cable outlets and can be 5 seaters type or 7 seaters type.

For transfers the client can choose between a safari car, Min van or Toyota Alphard.

QN6: Do safari vehicles have power cables?

Yes, safari vehicles have power cables for charging Cameras, Cellphones and other electronic gadgets.

QN7: Do safari vehicles have Binoculars?

Yes, we provide one piece of Binoculars in each safari vehicles.

QN8: Does the safari price cover insurance?

The safari price does not cover any insurance but if you will want one included for any kind of medication i.e. Amref Fly doctor service we can include that in safari price or you can use your own insurance in case of any emergency.

QN9: What is the distance from Arusha to Serengeti?

Total distance from Arusha to Serengeti National Park is approximately 419.2 kilometers if you will drive to B144 route and it takes about 6 to 7 hours of driving

QN10: Is it possible to do a walking safari and night game drive?

There are some National parks that offers walking safari both short and long walking safaris, Arusha National Park, Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro conservation area both offer walking safari and it costs from 30USD per person and 30USD of Ranger fee.

You can do Night game drive in Serengeti National Park and Manyara National Park but for night game drive there is a limited time i.e. In Manyara National Park you can do a night game drive for about 1 hour.

QN11: Do I need to bring first aid kit?

It is necessary to have a potable first aid kit of your own although some of our vehicles will be equipped with First aid kit on customer’s request.

QN12: What type of clothes do I have to bring?

QN13: What is the distance between Kilimanjaro Airport and Arusha?

The distance between Kilimanjaro Airport (JRO) and Arusha depends on the route that you will take, basically there are two main routes i.e., Nelson Mandela Road/Nyerere Road 53.5 kilometers and Arusha-Himo Road/A23, 60.2 Kilometers.

QN14: What is the difference between High-end safari, Luxury safari, mid-range safari, and camping safari?

QN15: What is the distance between the National parks?

QN16: Can I book a local flight to Zanzibar myself?

Yes, you can book local flights to and from Zanzibar, to and from Zanzibar to Serengeti or other internal airstrips by yourself but you should be careful not to book via agents rather direct to the local Airline websites to avoid any inconveniences or you can let your Operator do they job for you for assurance as they know better and they can purchase the same tickets at lower and fair price.

QN17: Can you book Zanzibar holiday for your customers?

Yes, we can do that and we always book for our customers the best Zanzibar beach holidays, we have our Agent located in Zanzibar who is Zanzibar Holiday expert born and raised in the Island

QN18: What is the difference between a tented camp and safari lodge?

See the information from this link; Accommodation Services – Dubu Adventures

QN19: How do I apply for a tourist visa in Tanzania?

All the information is on this link;  Travel Tips – Dubu Adventures

QN20: Is Covid still a problem in Tanzania?

Covid 19 is long forgotten now in Tanzania although the government is still promoting and insisting on its Citizens to take the covid vaccine and nearly half of Tanzanians have got their primary covid vaccine shot already.

QN21: Do I need to take malaria pills and yellow fever vaccine before safari?

It is very important to take Anti-malaria tablets before travelling to Tanzania as Tanzania is a tropical country so Malaria is a very common disease here especially when you will be visiting Coastal and Island areas the effect of malaria is immense. Also, it is important to carry your yellow fever card when travelling to Tanzania.

QN22: What is a single room supplement for solo travelers?

Single supplement is an additional amount of money charged by hotels to a single person who will stay in a room designed to accommodate two people.

QN23: Will be there a Wi-Fi Access during safari or in the lodges?

Wi-Fi access in the safari vehicle can be provided if the client will pre-book before the start of the tour, most safari lodges will provide the Wi-Fi access.

QN24: Can I choose the type of accommodations I want?

Yes, you can choose any type of accommodation you want depending on your pocket, although we advise to give the task to your operator as he knows better especially if you are a first-time traveler.

QN25: Do accommodations offer food?

Yes, all the bookings are on Full board basis especially those located inside the National parks, and half board for those provided to our customers on arrival, although customers can request on the meals services before the bookings are done by the operator.

QN26: Can you arrange an extra accommodation before and after safari?

Yes, on request.

QN27: Does the safari price include Airport transfers?

Yes, all airport transfers are included in the safari price given to the customer.

QN28: Will I be able to see the Migration if I visit Tanzania/Kenya?

You can follow the following link to see the migration routes and time; 6 Day Ndutu Savage Kingdom Luxury Safari – Dubu Adventures

QN29: Can I book the hotels myself?

Yes, you can book all the hotels you want as for your safari itinerary

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