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Masai Boma Visit

Many Tanzania tourists are looking for a deeper experience to their safari adventure, and wish to visit a Maasai village during their trip to Tanzania. These visits occur during or in between safaris as the Maasai tribe live close to the national parks – I.e., Serengeti or the Ngorongoro Crater.

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Masai Boma Cultural Tour - Dubu Adventures

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Masai Cultural practice

Masai tribe being one of the tribes found in Kenya and Northern Tanzania is one of the tribes that have kept their traditions and customs intact no matter how fast the world is changing every second, however being surrounded by new threats of new era traditions this tribe has refused to give up their traditions and customs which has been there for over thousands of years.

The piercing and stretching of the earlobes are a common practice among the Maasai, with women often wearing colorful beaded ornaments in their ears.

Cattle herding is also one of the important activities for the Masai, cattle give them food, milk, shelter, and strength, the more cattle they have the stronger they are and the more they will be respected by their fellow men.

What to Expect when Visiting a Masai Village in Tanzania

Visiting a Maasai village is one of the cultural highlights Tanzania has to offer, for Travellers being inside the MasaiBoma is a dream come true because what they will be offered will be something new and very fascinating that they will wish to spend more days with these gentle yet warriors.

When you arrive at the Masai Village you will be welcomed by their harmonic traditional songs backed up by natural beat sounds from both men and women, also their jumping custom will leave you in awe as you will see them pushing their body limits in heights against gravity this is a must see.

After a ceremonious welcoming you will be given an introduction by the Masai leader then you will be welcomed inside the Boma and a proficient English speaking Masai boy will start the tour inside the Boma, Masai are polygamous so the MasaiBomas always consists of several houses owned by one man with more than one wife.

When the tour is complete you will be shown some souvenirs that are crafted by Masai women, buying their products is more than a support to this community.

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