Night Game drive in Tanzania National Parks

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Night Game drive in Tanzania National parks

Experience the game drive at dusk when everybody else is on bed

Night game drive, nocturnal essence in Tanzania parks

One of less explored germ by the tourists, Night game drive in Tanzania parks is a jaw dropping activity especially when you get the chance to visit Tanzania national parks. We all know how magnificent the night can be especially when the sky is filled with dazzling stars or on full moon what you awe above the skies can also be seen in the African wilderness during the night.

How can you do a night game drive?

Night game drives are done in some of the National parks i.e. Lake Manyara National park, Mikumi National park, Tarangire National park and Serengeti national park.

This activity is done during nights on an open safari jeep with body covered with canvas, with full spotlights for clear view and accompanied by an armed park ranger for protection.

What to see during night game drive?

Nocturnal animals are the animals that become active during the night so they spend most of their day either sleeping in caves, shades, hideouts, burrows etc. or come out during night time to find food, mating etc. Some of nocturnal animals that you will be able to see during your night game drive are Lions, Leopards, Hyenas, Aardvarks, hippos, porcupines etc.

 It’s very beautiful to encounter a lion on a hunt, or a hippo out of the muddy pools and this is the essence of Night game drives you will be able to see things that most holiday goers miss during the day.

What time and how long for game drive?

Mostly night game drive starts after dinner around 8am and lasts for about three hours.

Do’s and Don’ts on night game drive.

Before starting the night game drive your professional guide will tell  you the list of do’s and don’ts during the game drive which similar rules that are applicable every time when you will be doing game drives in any national park whether it is the night game drive or a game drive during the day time.

The common are NO trash in NO trash out rule where you are not allowed to take in trash from the park or throw out any trash from the car, Observe silence during game drives rule where you are required not to make loud noises when you are in a game area especially when you spot an animal and get close for observation, Not to get outside the vehicle when you are inside the park, No off road during game drive you have to stay on the allowed game path available etc.

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