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Selous Game Reserve now known as Nyerere National Park is the second largest game reserve  in Africa,  it covers the area  of 54,600 km square  this park was named after the great explorer Frederick Selous Courtney,  This park  was declared  a UNESCO World Heritage site  in 1982  for its broad and an interrupted nature  diversity,  In 2009 the Tanzania National Park Authority proposed and declared the alter of the Name to Nyerere National Park in commemoration of the late first president Julius Kambarage Nyerere for his contribution to the preservation of the reserve during his time. 

Flora and Fauna, vegetation range from dense thicket to open wooded grassland, there’s a reason for number of animals to survive in this breath-taking vegetation, animals found including, large numbers of Elephants, Lions, Masai Giraffe, Hippopotamus, Elands, Rhinoceroses, Nile crocodiles, Wild dogs, Cape buffaloes, Zebras etc. 

What to do in Selous game reserve, you can reach this southern destination by both means of transportation since it’s near to Dar es salaam  by car its four hours journey, by Air from Dar es salaam its 45 minutes and if you were to connect it with other southern parks like Ruaha National park its 90 minutes from there also you can visit the park  by Tanzania and Zambia railway system (TAZARA) upon reaching the park you will be awaited with a lot of activities including game drives both morning game drives and  evening game drives by using mostly open roof 4*4 safari land cruiser. 

Bird Watching, as there are more than 400 bird species found in this park if you are a bird enthusiast this is the place you are going to enjoy bird watching activities, birds that can be spotted here include, White fronted bee- eater, Fish eagle, Yellow- billed stork, Giant king fisher, Trumpeter hornbill, Pink backed pelican among others. 

Other activities, including, Boat safaris in the might Rufiji River, Hot air balloon safaris, walking safarisamong others. 

Safari Cost, safari in this park is relatively cheaper compared to the northern parks so you can enjoy the same game activities in the southern circuit at lower price as possible. 

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