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Omicron variant hasn’t yet detected in Tanzania

Does omicron variant bring restrictions on Tanzania travel industry?

Tanzania is still safe and welcoming citizen from all over the globe to travel and see the wonders it still has to offer, as up to date there are no or never will be any restrictions to Travelers due to the measures the country has been taking, most of Tanzanian citizens have been vaccinated.

On November 26, 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the new corona variant named “Omicron” was detected in some of the countries including South Africa, Botswana among others which are far by thousand miles from Tanzania.

For assurance the following are to be considered for Travelers and holiday-goers who want to visit Tanzania for Safari and Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Since so much has been done for World level concerning the virus since it started back in 2019, the rest is for the people who want to travel and explore the World to comply with international rules and regulations the World Health Organization (WHO)  has considered and approved to be the life saving tactics for combating the virus.

Measures to be taken are the same as what the WHO has Imposed for people to follow, Taking vaccine is the number one concern for any traveler, there are different types of vaccine so its up to a traveler to choose which best suits according to his/her environment, immunity, genetic factors etc., the use of sanitizers to prevent further spread of the virus, washing of hands regularly, wearing of face mask.

For further information visit WHO website.

Do Air carriers still fly to Tanzania?

The good news any traveler would love to hear is that International air companies operating in major International Airports in Tanzania, Dar es salaam (Julius Nyerere International Airport), Kilimanjaro International Airport, and Zanzibar International Airport hasn’t cancelled any of their flights.

Qatar Airways, Air Dubai, Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airline and KLM Royal Dutch are among others that still make this travel hub a place to visit during this time of the year.

Finally, recently the European Commission has granted a free travel without restrictions to whoever possesses a valid European digital immunization certificate.

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